About us



To improve the lives of patients by identifying, developing, and marketing innovative pharmaceutical products.


We are leaders in the creation of solutions that fulfill the promise of patient health.

Our values


We work passionately and professionally, with efficient service and operations, pursuing perfection in what we do.


We act ethically and honestly in all regards, honoring every commitment we make.


We generate innovative ideas, as well as modern and creative solutions, upholding an avant-garde framework of constant improvement.


We are always open to explain what we do, how we do it, and why we do it.

Human Spirit

We treat our patients, clients, partners, and employees with respect, tolerance, and solidarity; people’s wellbeing is our raison d'être.



We organize all our material and financial resources, and we use them efficiently and moderately to preserve them.

Join the Team

We are open to professionals with a high level of initiative, with the capacity to transform uncertainty into opportunities.


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