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Corporate governance

Stendhal has a solid and efficient Corporate Governance body to guarantee an adequate decision-making process that aligns with its objectives and priorities.

Stendhal regulates the functioning of its governing bodies based on the principles of sound governance, ethics, and transparency, always aligned with the Group’s mission, vision, values and organizational culture, in order to adapt to the needs and circumstances of the Mexican environment, generating value strategies for the population and its employees, clients, and shareholders.

 For this purpose, we have adhered to the best practices and recommendations on this matter, in accordance with the effective international and national trade codes and laws, as well as the best corporate practices, guided by the results of the actions and perspectives of certifying agencies, and the different approaches derived from direct contact and communication with shareholders and board members.

 Stendhal’s institutionalization favors the enforcement of Corporate Governance practices that aim to ensure that both the management model and the decisions made by the Board of Directors are oriented towards preserving our allies’ long-term interests and guaranteeing the Group’s stability.

Our Corporate Governance is established by the Board of Directors, which consists of 7 board members: 4 internal shareholders and 3 independent or external advisors; they are the highest decision-making organ in the company, to whom the COO reports.

The Board of Directors has created 5 Committees that assist in the performance of its duties:

 Internal Auditing Committee

  • Trade Committee
  • Public Affairs Committee
  • Financial Committee
  • Human Resources Committee

Our website holds complete and updated information on Stendhal, as well as a specific section on Business Ethics, which provides clear guidelines for the performance of our duties, as well as the way in which we relate to our clients, suppliers, and representatives in the various strategic circles in which the company is involved.


For more information, please visit our “About Us” and “Business Ethics” sections.

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