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We promote innovative, effective, and safe therapies with proven benefits for chronic ailments that are highly prevalent in Mexico, to improve the patients’ quality of life.

Arterial hypertension

Arterial hypertension (high blood pressure) is a chronic disease that consists of an increased pressure at which the heart pumps blood into the arteries for it to circulate throughout the body. It is associated with cardiovascular events and premature death; 1 in 4 adults in Mexico suffers from arterial hypertension. Nowadays, there are safe and effective oral therapies that help control hypertension and prevent cardiovascular crises.

Cardiovascular risk

Cardiovascular disease (heart disease) is the leading cause of death in Mexico and the world. The Mexican population has risk factors associated with an increased likelihood of presenting a cardiovascular event, such as hypertension, dyslipidemia (high cholesterol), diabetes, excess weight, and obesity. These factors can be controlled with effective, commercially available products.


Various circulatory disorders contribute to the formation of thrombi in the circulatory system, which can result in heart attack, ischemic stroke, or other circulatory blockages. There are medicinal products that prevent the formation of clots and the complications derived therefrom. It is important for a patient who suffers from any of these conditions to adhere to the treatment prescribed by a medical professional.


Epilepsy is a neural condition; about 50 million people worldwide suffer from epilepsy, making it one of the most common neurological disorders. It consists of recurring brain dysfunction crises and seizures that may manifest in the entire body or a part of it, occasionally accompanied by loss of consciousness and sphincter control, which affects the quality of life for the patient and their family. Nowadays, there are therapies that can reduce the frequency of epileptic seizures or prevent them altogether, thus improving the quality of life of people who suffer from this disease.


Depression is more than just feeling sad; it is a common mental disorder, mainly consisting of persistent sadness and/or loss of interest in activities usually enjoyed by the person, accompanied by an inability to perform day-to-day activities for periods lasting at least 14 days. In Mexico, up to *95% of patients with major depression report loss of interest or pleasure.

There are medicinal products that can help overcome the depressive state and return the ability to experience pleasure in everyday activities.


A moderate or intense headache might be a migraine. Migraines tend to appear during puberty; they mostly affect people between the ages of 35 and 45 and they are a very frequent cause of work and school absenteeism. They are more likely to occur in women due to hormonal influences. They are caused by the triggering of an encephalic mechanism that results in the release of inflammatory substances that cause pain in the intracranial nerves and blood vessels. Migraines are often a life-long condition consisting of recurring episodes of unilateral and/or throbbing headaches, which worsen with physical activity and can last anywhere from a few hours to 2-3 days. The most common associated symptom is nausea.

A physician can make a formal migraine diagnosis to prescribe adequate treatment.


Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disease characterized by high blood glucose (blood sugar) levels. It is associated with the absolute or relative deficiency of insulin production and/or action. Over time, diabetes causes severe damage to the heart, blood vessels, eyes, kidneys, and nerves. Mexico has the second highest prevalence of diabetes in Latin America.

The link between obesity, diabetes and hypertension explains the loss of healthy years of life in the population, given that these are the cause of serious illnesses, with a low rate of diagnosis, lower adherence to medical treatment, and a reduced percentage of patients who are diagnosed, treated, and controlled; in Mexico, only 3.1% of the population fulfills these three principles.

There are safe and effective oral therapies that can control blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of serious complications.

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