We have a portfolio of innovative products for specialized nutrition, which meet the needs of those who cannot take a normal diet or it is insufficient or inadequate.

Our robust portfolio of nutritional formulas focuses on special medical uses in the dietary management of some disorders and diseases, always used under medical supervision.
1) Ketogenic diet: Solutions for patients, one year and older, with refractory epilepsy. It is a nutritional supplement that helps reduce the chance of having episodes of repeated seizures.

2) Allergy: Nutritional solutions for pediatric patients who show allergy to cow's milk proteins, presenting diseases such as dermatitis or respiratory allergy, and gastrointestinal manifestations of different severity. There are three different formulations, depending on the severity of the patient.

3) Growth nutrition: For children who present inadequate growth either due to disease, underlying condition or simply due to feeding problems. It provides energy, protein and micronutrients, minimizes gastrointestinal symptoms and provides an appropriate diet for developmental recovery.

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