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At Stendhal, we generate shared value, develop long-term alliances, and strengthen our portfolio to meet regional healthcare needs. We seize and develop market opportunities with a dynamic and flexible approach, making us a reliable strategic partner. We are present in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Central America, and the Caribbean. We are a cornerstone in Latin America for the creation of innovative pharmaceutical products, and we guarantee regulatory compliance in each country we reach.

Our experience and distinctive attributes

    • Flexible solutions based on the needs of each partner and regional context.

    • Long-term global strategic alliances with top-notch companies.

    • Exclusive licensing of innovative therapies; we offer the best treatments in the region.

    • Ample experience in Regulatory matters thanks to a knowledgeable, highly qualified team, to help with the regulatory approval of innovative pharmaceutical products.

    • High Compliance standards and with comprehensive compliance processes at a regional level.

    • Adoption of best Pharmacovigilance practices, periodically audited by our partners.

    • Ample experience in Intellectual Property matters; we safeguard and maximize patent protection of the products we commercialize.

    • Our Medical Team is renowned by opinion and engagement leaders at a regional level, and provides support throughout the life cycle of products, from registration to commercialization.

We are committed to quality and good practices throughout the value chain; our team of Leaders boasts more than 20 years of industry experience, resulting in an extensive record of partnerships with international medical technology and pharmaceutical companies. Our abilities and unique focus on licensing innovation make us a pharmaceutical company with world-class standards, and an ideal partner to successfully market products in Latin America.

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Join the Team

We are open to professionals with a high level of initiative, with the capacity to transform uncertainty into opportunities.


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