Social Commitment



We care about relationships with our employees, society, and the environment.


Commitment with the enterprise

Stendhal’s main values reflect the commitment we have with the members of our organization. Our employees are treated with integrity, respect, freedom, and diversity.

We appreciate creativity provided by our employees to generate progress.


Culture of non-discrimination

We promote a culture of non-discrimination that guarantees access to employment, training opportunities, promotions, and professional development of our employees and business partners.

We have a continuous improvement action scheme.  We respect all people no matter their ethnicity, nationality, gender, age, disability, social, and economic status, health, pregnancy, language, religion, sexual orientation or civil status.

We respect freedom of opinion and thought from those who are part of Stendhal and do business with us.


Commitment to the Environment

We are a company committed to the environment. We ensure that our production processes are the best alternative for preserving the environment.


Commitment to society

Our social function guidelines are: responsibility, sustainable development, and commitment to life.