Mission, Vision and Values



To be a pharmaceutical company offering the best products for health care, while ensuring excellence in research, development, production, and marketing.

To be recognized by our partners, customers, competitors, and the general public as a good corporate citizen working with the highest ethical standards.

To be the best business partner, thanks to the achievement of our objectives by implementing innovative and effective business strategies.

To provide an environment and opportunities to enable optimal development among our collaborators by establishing mutual commitment towards achieving our goals.




To be a world-class pharmaceutical laboratory with presence in Latin America, participating directly and through partnerships in researching and developing products that will provide quality health solutions; with sustained growth above market average in order to maintain leadership in all therapeutic areas we participate in, and recognition as the best place to work and invest.




Integrity: We work with honesty, respect and responsibility.


Passion for excellence: Our pursuit, dedication and commitment to perfection are key factors in what we do.


Open communication: We know that the timely exchange of critical and transparent information and ideas allow us to meet, share, and grow together.


Everything is possible: We think that every dream can come true and every obstacle can be overcome. If we do not find a path, we will create one.


Human Sense: People are our reason for being. That is why we are a company with sensitivity, tolerance, respect, and solidarity.


Sense of Urgency: We have great professional commitment that allows us to address the tasks quickly and on time. We are always alert in order to act at the right time and make things happen.