Human Resources

Stendhal Corporate Policy


We are a young, dynamic and growing company. We strive to provide opportunities for the improvement of our human capital.


We promote our employees training to ensure the development of their leadership qualities, especially in five main themes:


  • Teamwork

  • Focus on results, with clear objectives

  • Talent attraction, retention and development

  • Effort recognition

  • Positive work environment


At Stendhal, we recognize the value of people as a key element in our business success. For this reason, we always seek an exceptional staff.


We are interested in finding people who understand the market’s demands, identify with our corporate culture and share our commitment: "We want your health, we think about your quality of life."


If you are a talented person, able to face challenges in a competitive environment, recognize the sense of urgency as the key for achieving your goals, seek to help people improve their quality of life, develop your skills, increase your knowledge and share your experience, we invite you to join our team.