A new dream: to improve human health.  


1997: A group of investors with experience in the pharmaceutical sector and a vision of commercializing innovative medicines and developing a socially responsible company acquired Stendhal, a pharmaceutical company founded in Mexico in 1974. Thus, they engineered a comprehensive transformation, with new philosophical and business processes that reshaped the company.



2003: We invested a large amount of resources in remodeling our production plant, reaching the highest world-class standards in good manufacturing practices, conditioning, storage, distribution and product control. That same year, through a strategic alliance, we launched the first product line that would later become the backbone of treatment for patients with HIV/AIDS.


2008: We entered the Neuroscience area launching the first monoclonal antibody treatment for Multiple Sclerosis.


2009: We merged with Pharma Eicopen Latinoamérica, with whom we share vision and values to bring our products to Central America and the Andean countries. That is how Stendhal has grown into, a regional leader in the therapeutic areas of HIV and Multiple Sclerosis.


2010 – 2011: We have become indisputable leaders in HIV and Multiple Sclerosis treatment in our territory. We have also added innovative treatments in the areas of critical care, and genetic diseases and disorders. Additionally, we have invested in the development of new molecules for the cardiovascular area.